Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Octopuses are Cool

Upon reading about how a German octopus is predicting the outcomes of World Cup matches, I started thinking about how cool octpuses are. The main reasons they are cool is their intelligence, their ability to change color, and their ability to squeeze into tiny spaces.

Octopuses can be as smart as dogs, and are the most intelligent of the cephalopods. There have been numerous stories of captive octopuses leaving their tanks to grab a snack in a nearby tank, then going back home. I have heard stories of pet octopuses recognizing their owners, playing with toys, and solving puzzles.

Here's an octopus opening a screw-top bottle.

And here's an octopus forcing itself through a tiny hole, because it has no bones.

And now one of the coolest videos of an octopus changing its appearance that you'll see all day.

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