Sunday, June 27, 2010

APS Egg Drop

Working at the American Physical Society is a lot fun. Friday afternoon, we had an egg drop. About ten people built devices, contraptions, and containers that would safely bring an egg to the ground when dropped from increasing heights.

Many creative designs were entered into the competition, including helium rock, egg drop soup, The Jellyfish, and the eggcopter.

Now here are some pictures to help tell the story.

Mike holds his genius design helium rock, which did surprisingly well despite being a rock. Perhaps that's because it landed in the bushes...

From Egg drop

The eggcopter lays sadly on the ground, along with the mess left by egg drop soup.

From Egg drop

Eric's Jellyfish did fairly well. Though it might have done better had he started making it earlier than the day of the competition.

From Egg drop

Several contraptions on the ground, five stories below. That's a long way down.

From Egg drop

Next time I will go into the physics behind a few of the designs that did the best.

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